Master Builders

At Aon, we are proud to work with the Registered Master Builders Association as their preferred insurer. We offer tailored and specialist insurance cover to help keep Master Builders protected from the risks on and offsite. 

Insurance exclusively for members

It's important you have the right insurance in place - not only for tools and utes, but also for you; either as an individual or as part of a team that is relied on. 

Aon offer comprehensive insurance solutions, including a suite of liability covers, for RMBA members - at a competitive price. No matter what kind of insurance you require, Aon will work with you to make sure you're covered. 

Contract Works Insurance

We provide Contract Works Insurance for residential/domestic home building projects that covers physical loss or damage to the works being completed. Don't step onsite without being covered - it's easy to apply online to receive a quote.

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Cyber Risk Insurance

The construction sector is one of the top five industries susceptible to cyber attacks.

Construction is a big target due to:

  • storage and transfer of information through data systems on open and connected networks

  • sensitivity of building and project data

  • an increased dependence on technology

  • many construction firms not having large IT departments or expertise in IT security

  • a misplaced belief that construction companies are not a target, leading to increased vulnerabilities

  • it being highly decentralised and many stakeholders are dependent upon mobile devices

  • job-sites being easy targets for the theft of technology and the valuable information stored on it.

Traditional insurance policies are not designed to address or deal with cyber-attacks and their ramifications. Having adequate cyber risk protection in place should be an important consideration.

Aon, in partnership with insurer NZI, offers two Cyber insurance products:

  • Cyber Base - provides an essential level of cover.

  • Cyber Ultra – provides an extensive level of cover.

Cyber cover features

  • 24/7 access to cyber specialists

  • Cyber/IT legal and forensic experts ‘on tap’

  • Cover for loss of profits

  • Cover for costs to defend and settle third party claims

  • A free 1 hour cyber consultation

NIB Health Insurance Plans

Ultimate Health Private health insurance plans, covering private hospital cover and a range of add-on covers including:

  • Specialists and tests
  • GP option
  • Dental and optical option
  • Serious condition financial support option

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Insurance built for Master Builders

Get in touch with our specialist Construction Team to find out more about how we can help you with insurance for tools and materials, vehicles, liability or health and life.





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