Sprinkler Services

Sprinkler Services

Aon Sprinkler Certification (ASC) has been established to provide Sprinkler Certification Services as required by New Zealand's Sprinkler Standards to verify that Sprinkler Systems comply. Aon certifies new sprinkler systems and significant extensions to existing systems. Aon also operates as an ISO17020 Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Inspection company providing professional sprinkler inspection services throughout New Zealand.

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Aon Sprinkler Certification

ASC is an accredited inspection body, headed by Chris Mak, a fire protection engineer with more than 30 years' experience in fire protection engineering and management. Chris has chaired committees revising New Zealand's sprinkler and hydrant standards and is currently the Vice-President of the Fire Protection Association. He was previously the President of the NZ Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

Sprinkler inspections are required in New Zealand, as part of the certification of new installations, and, for existing sprinkler systems, as part of the on-going maintenance requirements of the Building Warrant of Fitness regime.

The unparalleled reliability of sprinkler systems in New Zealand is partially attributable to the independent certification system used to ensure that sprinklers are soundly engineered, and comply with design and installation standards.

Aon works with its customers during the design stage of the project to ensure that the fundamental design decisions made are sound and the work will therefore be able to be certified at the end of the project. This provides a greater surety when evaluating costs and ensures that certification delays do not inhibit occupancy.

Aon is ISO17020 Accredited as a Sprinkler System Certifier. ISO170202 is effectively a quality system which, unlike ISO9000 type systems, measures not only adherence to procedures, but also measures competency of the organisation and its individuals in providing such services.

Sprinkler System Inspections

To complement the sprinkler certification service, Aon also operates as an ISO17020 Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Inspection company providing professional sprinkler inspection services throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand and Australia surpass the rest of the world with fire sprinkler reliability with figures as high as 99.5%. New Zealand's excellent record can be attributed to a number of factors, including the certification process and monitoring of valves, direct connection to the Fire Service receiving equipment and the use of super-pressurized systems.

Standard Forms - Aon Sprinkler Certification

Form 1 Application for Approval of Basic Design Parameters

Form 2 Application for Approval of Residential Sprinkler System to NZS 4515

Form 4A Declaration of Storage & Occupancy

Form 5 Contractors Notice of Completion/Producer Statement

Form 7 Application for Contractor Listing & Biennial Relisting

Form 9 Application for listing Equipment

Form 12 Declaration of Storage Intentions: Extra Light Hazards Occupancies

Technical Notes - Aon Sprinkler Certification

TN-09-01 Flexible Sprinkler Dropper Assemblies

TN-09-04 Sesimic Design Certificates for Tanks