Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services

Aon in New Zealand provides an extensive range of professional risk management services including Risk Accounting, Risk Engineering and Consulting, Valuation Services and Fire Protection and Sprinkler Services.
Aon’s integrated solutions help clients understand and improve their risk profile, protect their interests and increase their business profitability and organisational resilience.
These services are delivered by a highly qualified and experienced team working as part of Aon’s market-leading Global Risk Consulting division (AGRC) with unique partnerships, including leading research, engineering, geoscience and disaster recovery firms.
We give our clients confidence by identifying and quantifying the risks they face; assisting them with the selection and implementation of appropriate risk transfer, risk retention and risk mitigation options; and by providing the right advice following a major claim.

Risk Accounting

Business interruption and commerical claims consulting. 

Risk Engineering

Strategic advice and innovative solutions for your risks. 

Fire Protection

All aspects of fire protection system compliance. 


A single professional solution for the full spectrum of valuation needs. 

Risk Accounting

Aon’s Risk Accounting team are experts in the provision of business interruption solutions and commercial claims consulting.

Business Interruption Solutions

It is essential businesses are adequately insured to protect their assets and also to protect any business income lost as a result of an event that interrupts the operations of the business, such as a fire or a natural disaster.
Many businesses are complex and it can be difficult to understand and accurately quantify business interruption exposures. As a result, businesses often incorrectly quantify their business interruption declared values and this can be further compounded by changes in business structure, acquisition and mergers, and evolving business trends.
Aon’s Risk Accounting team can provide a comprehensive business interruption review to ensure that your business establishes and maintains sufficient insurance cover. A review will:

  • Identify business interruption risk and exposure
  • Calculate the correct declared values and the appropriate limits
  • Tailor a business interruption programme based on your business’s insurable risks

Consider a business interruption review if you:

  • Are uncertain as to the extent of cover currently in place, or have specific concerns regarding policy limits and wordings
  • Can demonstrate good corporate governance in relation to risk management and risk management decisions
  • Require a detailed understanding of how risk can be transferred to insurers or mitigated where no cover is available
  • Require an in depth review of complex business interruption exposures following significant structural changes to your business
  • Require a tailored insured Declared Value calculation, which addresses the unique aspects of your business
  • Seek specific solutions to close gaps in existing cover
  • Seek to identify areas of existing cover which may be improved

Claims Consulting 

If your business has suffered a business interruption loss, Aon’s Risk Accounting team can act as your commercial claims preparer and loss mitigation advisors.
Our team are experts in collating the necessary documentation and providing the required financial calculations in support of the insurance claim and will:

  • Act as your advocate, providing expert representation, independent of the loss adjuster and insurers
  • Act as your liaison point between material damage consultants including, quantity surveyors, architects and loss adjusters
  • Attend to all queries raised by insurers / loss adjusters in respect of the insurance claim
  • Calculate the appropriate rate of insurance gross profit in line with policy provisions
  • Collate of all relevant invoices in support of material damage and business interruption claims
  • Compile comprehensive claim submissions in accordance with the policy provisions
  • Identify and quantify savings realised as a consequence of the insured contingency
  • Prepare and manage claims for:
    • Business Interruption
    • Contract Works
    • Delay in Start Up / Advanced Loss of Profits
    • Fidelity / Crime
    • Product Recall
    • Property
  • Provide advice in relation to application of basis of settlement e.g. indemnity versus replacement
  • Quantify and substantiate revenue and expense trends of the business, accounting for circumstances that would have impacted the business “but for” the insured contingency (e.g. damage, insured interruption)
  • Review policy coverage and provide clarification on entitlement

This results in:

  • Expert interpretation and application of the insurance policy utilising all cover and obtaining optimal indemnity
  • Timely preparation of the claim to maintain cash flow
  • Professional management of the claim process allows management to focus on the business

For more information on Aon Risk Accounting, please contact Woodrow Bould, Aon’s Risk Accounting Principal on +64 9 362 9266 or email woody.bould@aon.com.

Risk Engineering and Consulting

Every organisation faces a range of risks which have the potential to impact on the achievement of their strategic business objectives and can leave them exposed in the event of an unexpected loss or disruption.

Aon provides risk and engineering services through a highly experienced New Zealand engineering team who help you understand, quantify and manage risk from your perspective. Aon provide tailored strategic advice and innovative solutions in respect of your insurable and non-insurable risks, allowing you to meet your business goals and risk management objectives.

Aon has developed unique partnership relationships with leading engineering, geoscience and disaster recovery firms, ensuring the most comprehensive and current solutions possible.

Risk engineering has a wide range of specialised services, as outlined below:

  • Bespoke natural disaster modelling (including infrastructure assets)
  • Calculation of loss estimates (Maximum Foreseeable Loss, Probable Maximum Loss and Normal Loss Estimate)
  • Cyber risk
  • Development of fire protection standards
  • Development of risk control standards
  • Pre-construction and plan reviews
  • Process safety
  • Product quality
  • Project risk management
  • Public liability assessments
  • Underwriting presentations for insurance purposes
  • Recommendation follow-up service
  • Risk control and engineering underwriting property surveys
  • Risk workshops, training and seminars
  • Special focus surveys (e.g. boiler and machinery reviews)
  • Supply chain risk

Aon’s unique combination of strategic advice and innovative solutions, using its local, global and partnership expertise, ensures professional risk management, optimal insurance placement terms and enhanced business resiliency.

For more information on Aon Risk Engineering and Consulting, please contact Neil Gravestock, Aon’s Regional Pacific Director on +64 9 362 9106 or email neil.gravestock@aon.com.

Valuation Services

In the event of an insured loss, the Insurer’s loss adjuster will have two immediate questions for the Insured:
1.         How were the insured values arrived at; and
2.         Can the area of loss be validated?

One of the key elements to understand is that the insured value for each building must represent the cost to reinstate the “existing building”, rather than something new in the event of a total insured loss. This is primarily because the most likely loss to occur is a partial loss and therefore, the insured value must represent the cost to reinstate the existing building with new to avoid the risk of underinsurance.

Many insureds believe that if they sustained a partial insured loss less than the total insured value, they are covered. Unfortunately, the only due diligence undertaken on the validity of the insured value is post loss meaning the insured can unknowingly be underinsured.

Aon Valuation Services recommends an insurance valuation every three years. Aon Valuation Services can provide a three year Valuation Program involving an on-site inspection in Year 1 followed by annual on-desk reviews in each of the following two years accounting for asset changes in the previous twelve months such as new buildings, capital expenditure, disposal or acquisition of assets. This process maintains the accuracy of insured values and the integrity of the valuation process. Valuations also support annual insurance renewal negotiations and provide the necessary documentation for faster settlement in the event of a claim.

Aon Valuation Services is one of the largest and most experienced teams in the southern hemisphere with a specialist team capable of valuing assets including, buildings, plant, equipment, infrastructure, mobile plant and fine arts. This specialist capability  provides a single solution, saving you time and effort.

Consider an insurance valuation if:

  • It has been two or more years since your last full valuation
  • You are determining your indemnity value for accurate Fire Service Levy calculation
  • You are reviewing your business interruption cover
  • You are undertaking an insurable risk assessment
  • You have never engaged a qualified valuer to assess your declared sums insured values for insurance
  • Your asset base has changed through acquisition or downsizing

For more information on Aon Valuation Services, please contact Peter Erceg, Aon’s National Valuation Manager on +64 9 362 9118 or email peter.erceg@aon.com.

Fire Protection and Sprinkler Services

Aon’s Fire Protection team are widely regarded as the most experienced and effective fire protection team in New Zealand.
Consisting of over 20 accredited staff, Aon Fire Protection specialises in fire protection and alarm systems certification and inspection.
 Aon Fire Protection’s priority is to offer a solution-focused service that is designed to exceed our client’s expectations and ensure compliance with statutory obligations.


Aon Fire Protection provides sprinkler certification services to verify that sprinkler systems comply with New Zealand's Sprinkler Standards. Aon certifies new sprinkler systems and significant extensions to existing systems.
Working with clients during the design and contract stage of the project, Aon Fire Protection ensures that the fundamental design decisions made are sound and fire protection systems will be able to be certified at the end of the project. This provides a greater surety when evaluating costs and ensures that certification delays do not inhibit occupancy.
Aon Fire Protection’s priority is to minimise the risk of failure to achieve a Code of Compliance Certificate for client’s projects and minimise the fire risk. Aon Fire Protection is always conscious of costs and the need to adopt a pragmatic, effective approach to dealing with the challenges of fire.
Certified as a Type A Inspection Body by IANZ under ISO/IEC17020:2012, our clients can be assured of our competency and independence. Aon Fire Protection is accredited to certify:

  • Sprinkler Systems to New Zealand Standards NZS4541 (for commercial and install buildings) and NZS4515 (for smaller sleeping occupancies);
  • Fire Alarm Systems to NZS4512;
  • ​Fire Hydrant Systems to NZS4510.


Sprinkler inspections are required in New Zealand as part of the certification of new installations and, for existing sprinkler systems, as part of the on-going maintenance requirements of the Building Warrant of Fitness regime.
Aon Fire Protection produces clear and consistent reports, outlining what items should be addressed to allow a “Form 12A” to be issued as part of the Building Warrant of Fitness regime. Aon Fire Protection can also assist clients in other areas, such as in carrying out fire protection system condition assessments, risk assessments and fault finding exercises.

For more information, please contact 0800 AON FIRE to speak to an Aon Fire Protection specialist.

Standard Forms - Aon Sprinkler Certification

Form 1 Application for Approval of Basic Design Parameters
Form 2 Application for Approval of Residential Sprinkler System to NZS 4515
Form 4A Declaration of Storage & Occupancy
Form 5 Contractors Notice of Completion/Producer Statement
Form 7 Sprinkler Contractor Certification
Form 9 Application for listing Equipment
Form 12 Declaration of Storage Intentions: Extra Light Hazards Occupancies
WI 6 Evaluation of Contractors

Technical Notes - Aon Sprinkler Certification

TN-09-01 Flexible Sprinkler Dropper Assemblies
TN-09-04 Sesimic Design Certificates for Tanks

This website contains general information only and does not take into account your individual needs or financial situation. It is important to note that limits, excesses, terms and conditions and exclusions apply to the products and services outlined on this website. Please refer to the relevant policy documents for details of cover, the provision of which is subject to the insurer’s underwriting criteria that apply at the time. Please contact us if you have any questions.