Aon speciality insurance solutions

Over decades of finding ways to serve our diverse customer base we've gained a deep understanding of the specific needs and requirements of certain specialist industries. Whether it's specialist cover for protecting organisations from cyber risk, or providing risk solutions for emerging rural sectors, our experience with helping organisations overcome their unique challenges has allowed us to refine our solutions for a number of industries that other insurers may not cover. For more information contact one of our specialists. 

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Aon is the largest aviation broker in the world, acting for some of the world’s largest airlines. This gives us access to underwriting markets and expertise that enables us to provide a real point of difference to our aviation clients in New Zealand.

ACC Claims Management

WorkAon is a specialist personal injury, claims and rehabilitation division of Aon New Zealand. We are the largest independent claims administrator and rehabilitation co-ordinator in New Zealand. We manage workplace accident claims for employers who are in the ACC Partnership Programme, and provide a variety of claims-related services under contract to other employers.


Aon understands that risk management and obtaining cost effective insurance solutions is challenging for those operating in the construction sector. In recognition of the unique and often complex requirements of construction projects, Aon established the Aon Construction Division which is staffed by experienced personnel who are able to provide specialist insurance and risk management solutions for the unique issues faced by contractors.

Cyber Risk

Data protection and network security has become a leading issue for most businesses owing to the increase in computer devices or applications being used to perform business functions and the large volume of data that now flows through all levels of an organisation.

Financial Institutions

Whether you are a large financial institution, a professional running your own financial services business, or somewhere in between, Aon is able to design and implement programs that identify and address your risks and provide an extensive range of products and services to help you manage them.;


As the leading experts in the forestry sector, Aon are aware of the challenges faced by the industry. We have the expertise, understanding and knowledge to offer the best products to protect your timber. Our innovative approach offers a range of specialised cover for forestry business of all sizes.


The commercial shipping industry, which transports more than 90 percent of the world’s cargo, is complex, volatile and constantly evolving. Aon’s Marine risk management and insurance broking expertise is unique in the industry, providing both the heritage that comes from long-term commitment to the commercial marine sector and the skills that come from a diverse client list.

Professional Risks

Aon is the leading New Zealand global provider of risk and insurance services to the professional services sector, including lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, and businesses in technology and management consulting or employment services. We tailor our approach around your business need.

Sprinkler Services

Aon Sprinkler Certification (ASC) has been established to provide Sprinkler Certification Services as required by New Zealand's Sprinkler Standards to verify that Sprinkler Systems comply. Aon certifies new sprinkler systems and significant extensions to existing systems. Aon also operates as an ISO17020 Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Inspection company providing professional sprinkler inspection services throughout New Zealand.

Public Sector

At Aon we understand the issues that are important to central and local government. This understanding extends beyond just the business issues faced by the public sector, but also the broader economic, political and stakeholder contexts in which you operate. Contact us today for more information on how Aon helps serve the public sector.

Risk Management Services

Aon Global Risk Consulting (AGRC), part of Aon Risk Solutions, provides a range of integrated solutions to help you to understand and improve your risk profile, protect your interests and increase your business profitability.

AGRC delivers a wide range of solutions, encompassing claims consulting, risk consultancy services (including analytical and loss modelling services, business continuity management, captive management, enterprise risk management and insurable risk profiling), risk control and engineering consultancy services, and valuation services.


As winemaker or vineyard owner, you know there is a lot more to making fine wines than merely growing grapes. Aon understands this and, as a leading provider of insurance solutions to the industry, we're well-versed in understanding the unique needs of wineries and vineyard owners.