Professional Risks

Professional Risks

Aon Professional Risks can design, manage and arrange legal liability insurance programmes for all businesses big and small. We cater to all professions and businesses including accountants, architects, lawyers, engineers, surveyors, valuers, real estate agents and others operating both within New Zealand and overseas. We tailor our approach around your business needs.

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Professional firms are catered for either via dedicated and long-established schemes or via bespoke, open-market placements. We also have a dedicated resource for smaller, miscellaneous classes.

Additionally, we advise corporate clients on their management, governance and statutory exposures and can also provide appropriate advice and solutions around Mergers and Acquisitions and Public Offerings.

Our comprehensive offering includes:

• Professional indemnity
• Directors and Officers
• Statutory Liability
• Employers Liability
• Public Liability
• Employment Practices Liability
• Trustees Liability
• Warranty and Indemnity
• Initial Public Offerings (IPO's)

Professional Risk Schemes

The Professional Risks Division runs a number of schemes for professional firms with the objectives being:

• Provision of risk management and loss prevention tools and information. We aim to provide sensible guidance to Members on the ways and means of minimising liability and avoiding liability claims.
• Provision of claims management and assistance.
• Access to specially tailored group Professional Indemnity and other insurance facilities.
• Access to optimum cover and competitive premiums as a result of bulk buying power.
• Provision of administrative and technical support and insurance advice.

Main schemes:

ABACUS Association Inc. (Est. 1988) - Chartered Accountants
Aon Contact: Doug Morton – 04 819 4086 or Christine Atoa - 04 819 4088 

Consulting Engineers Advancement Society Inc.(CEAS - Est. 1966) – Consulting Engineers
Aon Contact: Doug Morton – 04 819 4086 or Bryce Wilson - 04 819 4058

JUSTITIA Mutual Association Inc. (Est. 1985) – Lawyers
Aon Contact: Ross Meijer - 04 819 4086

Land Professional Mutual Society Inc. (LPMS – Est. 1976) Surveyors, Valuers and allied professions
Aon Contact: Doug Morton - 04 819 4086 or Bryce Wilson 04 819 4058

Medicus Indemnity New Zealand Inc. (Est. 2011) – Registered medical practitioners
Aon Contact: Lisa Albery - 04 819 4126

NZ Architects Co-Operative Society Ltd (NZACS – Est. 1972)
Aon Contact: Kristene Crook – 04 819 4035

Realtors Indemnity Group – Real Estate Agents
Aon Contact: Liam Pomfret - 09 362 9133

Other Industry Groups:

Financial Advisers (members of IFA, allied or non-allied)
Aon Contact: Elizabeth Ngan – 04 818 4084 or Liam Pomfret - 09 362 9133

Bookkeepers Association of New Zealand
Aon Contact: Lisa Albery - 04 819 4126

Health Professionals (via relevant Association or stand-alone) - Physiotherapists. Occupational, Massage and Bowen Therapists, Natropaths, Dieticians, Osteopaths Homeopaths
Aon Contact: Elizabeth Ngan – 04 818 4084

New Zealand Association of Optometrists (NZAO)
Aon Contact: Lisa Bryant - 04 819 4080

Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity
Aon Contact: Christine Atoa - 04 819 4088

Our Team

Lee Myers – General Manager (Auckland)
Lee joined Aon in 2006 with a team of senior professional liability experts from Willis and Marsh.At Willis, Lee spent ten years building a successful professional risks practice and has over 25 years’ experience. Prior to moving to New Zealand, Lee worked in Africa and in the London market, where he retains significant relationships. In addition to managing the division’s day-to-day operation, Lee is involved with a broad range of professional and corporate clients, including those requiring London market placements.

Ross Meijer (Wellington)
Ross joined the Wellington team in 2012 after returning from overseas. He has over 20 years’ experience in New Zealand and London with international broking firms. During that time he has serviced a broad range of professional firms and financial institutions and developed and maintained market relationships in Europe, Bermuda and the US. Ross manages our Schemes Division and has is integrally involved with our various Boards and associated professional bodies.

Doug Morton (Wellington)
Doug has worked in insurance for over 45 years, the last 30 within the Professional Risks Division of Aon. Doug administers our engineering, land professional, accountancy and real estate schemes as well as looking after a number of stand-alone clients.

Gaynor Roberts (Wellington)
Gaynor is responsible for claims management of our professional liability schemes. A qualified legal executive, Gaynor has been with Aon for more than 9 years and deals daily with all the major liability insurers in New Zealand. Prior to moving to New Zealand she worked for Royal & Sun Alliance in London, managing multinational claims.

Kristene Crook (Wellington)
Kristene brings an insurance background spanning over 20 years and has specialised in professional indemnity for the past 17 of those. She spent 9 years at Aon, including 5 years handling claims. She spent 4 years at another international broker before returning to Aon in 2006. She now services a diverse portfolio of clients including design, construction, healthcare, financial institutions and lawyers.

Elizabeth Ngan (Wellington)
Elizabeth has been in the insurance industry for over 32 years, working for both insurers and brokers, including Alexander Stenhouse Ltd in Fiji (predecessor to Aon). She has been with Aon for more than 18 years attending to the liability requirements for a range of professions including designers, landscapers, architects, legal professionals and health care providers. 

Chris Richards (Auckland)
Chris joined Aon in 2008 after more than 20 years at Marsh, several of which as head of their Fin Pro Division. He handles complex liability programmes for national law firms, financial institutions and some of Aon’s larger corporate accounts. Chris is also well-versed in policy construction and is regarded as a strong client advocate during any claims process.

Mark Koschak (Auckland)
Mark has specialised in professional indemnity insurance since 1981. He joined Aon in 2006 after lengthy spells with two other international broking firms in Wellington and Auckland. Mark brings a technical perspective to the relationship via negotiated manuscript wordings and he is intimately involved in the claims handling process. His clients have included major legal, design, engineering, financial advisory and construction firms.

Cindy Moxley (Auckland)
Cindy has over 20 years broking experience specialising in Directors & Officers and Prospectus Liabilty in the New  Zealand market. She is the Financial Products Manager for Aon and assists clients to manage and resolve complex Directors & Officers liability claims.

Liam Pomfret (Auckland)
Liam joined Aon from another international broker in 2011. He has over 19 years’ experience in the insurance industry, the majority of which was gained in the UK and London market. Working mainly for international broking houses, the largest part of Liam's career has been at Marsh, both in the UK and NZ. Since moving to New Zealand, Liam has managed a team of brokers specialising in professional risks and headed up Marsh's Industry Specialty Practices for Accountants, Engineers & Architects. At Aon, Liam is leading our Cyber Liability/Data Security practice, a significant new area of risk for our clients.

Lee Gornall (Auckland)
Lee has more than 15 years insurance experience having worked both locally and in the UK. He has specialised in liability insurance since joining Aon in 2009 and is experienced in the servicing, structuring and placement of both local and international insurance programmes. Lee works with clients involved in a wide range of industry classes.

Reece Johns (Christchurch)
Reece joined Aon in 2011 and has more than 20 years’ specialist liability experience in both New Zealand and the London market. Reece has been the leading liability underwriter for an international insurer and has spent the last 10 years in Christchurch, handling a variety of professional and corporate liability programmes.

Wayne Henderson (Christchurch)
Wayne joined Aon in 2010 from another international broking firm in Christchurch. He has more than 20 years’ insurance, broking and risk management experience. Wayne is responsible for the management of professional, commercial and corporate clients. He has experience in project specific contract works and liability insurances. Wayne often advises clients on optimising and designing an insurance programme for individual needs including contractual insurance issues, indemnity clauses and hold harmless agreements.

Graham Wilden (Dunedin)
Graham joined Aon in February 2016 from another international broking firm in Dunedin where he’d been for over 18 years. He has more than 27 years of insurance industry experience, the last 10 of which as the head of a specialist liability team covering Otago & Southland. Graham’s main focus is on arranging liability insurance programmes for professionals, companies and other entities.