Rural Solutions

Our Rural Solutions

When it comes to insuring the rural sector there is no "one-size-fits-all". As this vital sector continues to grow and evolve so to must the industries that provide much-needed support. This is why Aon has developed specific cover to help protect specialty farming areas such as equine and bloodstock, horticulture and crops, or livestock. For further information on any of our rural solutions contact your local rural specialist.

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Aon offers tailored insurance solutions for the following:

Horticulture & Crops

Kiwifruit and pip and stone fruit crops are among the most valuable crops per hectare in the world, yet they are particularly vulnerable to New Zealand's ever-changing and unpredictable weather patterns. Hail storms and frost can decimate crops and fruit – it only takes a single, unexpected event to wipe out an entire season's crop or orchard.

As one of the only brokers in New Zealand that provide cover for live plants and growing crops, we’re committed to helping you protect your livelihood. As a leading insurance provider to the Kiwifruit industry we have pioneered and developed cost effective insurance options specifically for Kiwifruit growers including fruit loss and catastrophe cover.

We've been working with orchardists for more than 20 years and have expertise that can deliver options to growers that help them protect their valuable crops. Changing weather patterns in recent years has seen millions of dollars lost due to hail and frost damage. Aon's Horticulture and Crops insurance can combat this by ensuring protection for damage to your crops and fruit.

In the event of any damage suffered as a result of weather perils, growers are able to claim for loss, allowing the continuation of business for seasons to come. Aon recommends early acceptance to all our clients as the premium remains the same across the entire season, regardless of when the cover is bound.

For further information on Aon’s Horticulture and Crops insurance, please contact Tiffany Robertson.


Aon offers flexible, customised equine and bloodstock insurance. Whether you have breeding stock, racehorses or sport horses, we are able to provide comprehensive cover for injury, death and vet related expenses.


If your livestock is your livelihood, it makes sense to protect it. Aon can cover most farmed livestock for theft and escape, infertility, and death by accident, illness or disease. Our livestock insurance solutions are backed by a network of experienced brokers, meaning you’ll be working with someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the rural market. Contact us today to find out more about our tailored rural insurance solutions.


Irrigators play a vital role for horticulturists and we understand the reliance your business has on them. Aon offers market leading cover for your irrigators, which includes cover: 

During construction

There are things that can, and do go wrong during the irrigation construction phase. In fact, in our experience, the majority of claims occur during this time.

Unlike many other insurance policies which exclude this phase, Aon’s offering includes cover during the construction of your irrigator.

When in use

Once your irrigator is in place and fully commissioned, you need to be confident you have the right insurance solution in place. Not all policies are the same. Our rural experts will recommend the best solution for you.

For consequential loss

Losing an irrigator can have a major impact on your farm’s cash flow. Whether it means having to dry off cows, buy in extra feed or lose a season’s crop, the impact on your farm can be devastating.

Our business interruption solution covers this financial risk. Our Aon rural specialists can give you the right advice and will provide support and expertise should you need to make a claim, to ensure you get your maximum entitlement.