Lifestyle Insurance

Lifestyle Insurance

Aon understands that the risks involved with owning a rural lifestyle property go beyond traditional home insurance, without stretching as far as a commercial farm. With this in mind, we’ve developed an extended insurance solution that covers your home and contents as well as the other operational risks that come with owning a lifestyle block.

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Whilst your lifestyle block won't be classed as a fully functioning farm and won't be your main source of income, it will still provide you with income and therefore it needs to be insured. We've developed an insurance offering that is specifically designed for your lifestyle block, ensuring that your sheds, stables, stores and workshops are protected. There are differing levels of cover and excess options available, so you can choose the level of cover that suits you best.
There are three sum insured options available:

• $25,000
• $100,000
• $200,000

Lifestyle insurance has been tailored to include cover for:

• Buildings and assets
• Motor vehicles
• Electric motors
• General liability
• Statutory liability

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