Car Insurance

Car Insurance

New Zealanders love their cars. Whether your first set of wheels, the hard-working family wagon, or your mint Escort Mk2 that only comes out on sunny Sundays, we have an insurance solution that fits your needs. Aon provides a full range of cover options from basic third party insurance right up to comprehensive cover. Contact your local broker for more information or to obtain a  competitive quote.

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When it comes to personal car insurance we are able to provide you with a range of options to meet your requirements and budget:

Full Cover

Our full cover option is the most comprehensive cover for you and your car. With Aon's full cover, in the event of an accident you will be covered for the damage caused to your own car as well as the any damage caused to someone else's car or property.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

Third party, fire & theft covers you for loss or damage caused to your car by fire or theft. You are also covered for any damage you may cause to someone else's car or property in the event of an accident.

Third Party Only

With third party only cover, if you were to accidentally cause damage to a car or property owned by someone else, then you are covered for the cost of thier damages only.

Aon CPF Road Side Assist - 0800 367 266 (0800 FOR Aon)

(available to Aon CPF Private Motor policy holders only)
Whether you’re driving across town or road tripping around New Zealand, the last thing you and your family want to discover is that your car won’t start, you have a flat tyre or that you’ve run out of gas. With Aon CPF Road Side Assist, help is just a phone call away.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, Aon CPF Road Side Assist provides you and your family with the assurance of 24/7 access to a range of roadside services.

Aon CPF clients who choose Road Side Assist are entitled to a number of core benefits such as:

• 24/7 emergency assistance
• 365 days a year
• Flat tyre replacement
• Flat battery replacement
• Breakdowns • Roadside towing
• Delivery of emergency fuel
• Assistance if lost
• Lock outs

Aon CPF Road Side Assist Plus

Aon clients who choose Road Side Assist Plus receive all the core benefits of Road Side Assist as well as being entitled to additional benefits:

• Hotel accommodation assistance
• Vehicle recovery assistance
• Emergency taxi transport
• Rental car assistance

Caravan or Trailer

Aon CPF Road Side Assist is also available for your caravan, trailer or trailered pleasurecraft. It includes:

• Flat tyre replacement
• Minor roadside repairs
• Emergency towing/transport

For more information on Aon CPF Road Side Assist contact your local Aon broker.