Aon KiwiSaver Scheme

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme

When it comes to choosing your KiwiSaver scheme, the choices can be over-whelming. Should you settle with a default provider? How do you trust a provider or be sure you’ve made the right decision once you’ve selected one? Not all schemes are created equal and you want to be sure your hard-earned savings are in good hands.

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Ensure you partner with a provider that has a proven track record, performance that stacks up and one that enables you to diversify your investment in ways that suit you.

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme offers you:

Choice - with the choice of four fund managers with thirteen different funds, there’s an investment fund suitable for everyone to suit your individual risk profile.
Flexibility – you’ll have the ability to change fund managers without having to transfer to another KiwiSaver scheme, because of our diverse range of options.
Performance – Aon KiwiSaver Scheme has a proven track record and has had a history of higher performance than its peer group averages over the long term*
*as per The Morningstar KiwiSaver survey

Here’s how Aon KiwiSaver Scheme works for you:

• Online access to see how your savings are growing
• Your savings are invested with local and global fund managers
• Access to our online risk assessment profile 
• We’ll provide you with regular news and updates 
• Our helpdesk is available to answer your questions – just call us on 0800 266 463
• Visit our website for the latest information about KiwiSaver, our fund fact sheets, returns and forms

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More information on the Aon KiwiSaver Scheme can be found in our Investment Statement which is available from the Aon KiwiSaver Scheme website or by emailing us or calling 0800 266 463.

* Past performance is not indicative of future performance