Retirement and Investment

Retirement & Investment

At Aon Hewitt we recognise the importance of safeguarding individuals’ financial wellbeing as well as their physical wellbeing. As an employer, our Aon KiwiSaver Scheme and Aon Master Trust can help take the hassle out of supplying the benefits of KiwiSaver and Superannuation for your employees, letting you focus on your core business. Aon Hewitt’s investment consulting team supports a wide range of organisations with independent, tailored investment advice, while our actuarial experts can help you make better decisions to ensure your retirement programs are fair and sustainable.

Aon Master Trust

The Aon Master Trust takes the hassle out of superannuation for employers, letting you focus on your core business. Our service is tailored to your needs and helps you protect the benefits you offer your employees.

Our team can make your transition to a Master Trust straightforward, drawing on our experience of previously transitioning many complex schemes.

Key benefits

• reduced cost compared to maintaining a stand-alone superannuation scheme
• reduced governance and compliance responsibilities
• a company scheme which allows your employees to also contribute to their chosen KiwiSaver Scheme
• a dedicated account manager
• flexible fund design, allowing you to customise investment and insurance needs

Employees receive

• easy and convenient online account access
• the choice of leading fund managers and investment funds
• continuation of their current superannuation benefits

The Aon Master Trust has been around since 1979, with over 50 employers currently offering Aon Master Trust to their employees.

Contact us today about moving your stand-alone superannuation scheme into the Aon Master Trust. You’ll maintain your employees’ benefits and make your super simple.

Investment Consulting

Our investment consulting team provides investment advice to a wide range of organisations including superannuation funds, wealth managers, charitable trusts, community trusts, church groups and iwi. 

You will receive

• The development of an appropriate investment governance structure 
• The formulation, documentation and review of investment policy 
• The drafting of a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) 
• The selection and monitoring of investment managers 
• Compliance with the requirements of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 

Key benefits

• Independence – we’re not an investment manager, and we are independent of all investment managers. This means we can offer impartial advice when it comes to selecting, reviewing and monitoring fund managers
Local experience with global support - Our team has been providing investment advice in New Zealand since 1979, and we are backed by the significant resources of the global Aon Hewitt team – one of the world’s largest investment consultants
Tailored investment solutions – we have proven experience in providing investment solutions to a broad range of clients, both large and small. We understand that no two clients are the same and we recognise the importance of engaging with our clients to determine their unique requirements

Investment surveys

We produce a number of regular investment surveys to help you stay on top of important industry information, including

• Aon Industry KiwiSaver Survey – quarterly
• Aon Investment Update – monthly
• Aon Investment Forecast - quarterly
• Aon Economists’ Survey - quarterly

The surveys are available for download here – please contact us to find out about subscribing to our surveys.

For further information on our investment consulting services contact Guy Fisher.

Actuarial Consulting

Aon Hewitt’s actuarial consulting team has a wealth of experience providing advice to employers and trustees of superannuation schemes.

Our actuarial experts can help you make better decisions to ensure your retirement programs are fair and sustainable. We can assist your organisation in designing a market leading strategy to enable effective and efficient management of your retirement and long-term benefit plans.

Our actuarial services include

• Defined benefit superannuation scheme costings and valuations
• Superannuation benefit design, transfers, M&A, rationalisation exercises
• Trustee Training, Superannuation legislative updates
• KiwiSaver and Master Trust searches
• Superannuation Scheme secretarial services
• Fund update reporting
• IFRS valuations – superannuation and other employee benefits

For more information contact Marcelo Lardies.