Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources Consulting

Aon is the world’s foremost human resources consulting and outsourcing firm with the resources, expertise and reach to solve the most pressing and complex people challenges that companies face today. We offer a range of HR services, from remuneration surveys and analytics, benefits administration and consulting services. Our solutions are designed to align to the strategic goals of your company.


Aon Hewitt is the authority on how to improve employee engagement. Low employee engagement is pervasive — nearly half of the world's employees are not engaged. Our research across more than 7,000 organisations indicates that each disengaged employee costs your organisation an average of $10,000 in profit annually. Can you afford this hidden expense?

At Aon Hewitt, we use employee engagement as a key performance metric to measure the resilience and sustainability of your organisation. We define "engagement" as the emotional and intellectual involvement that motivates employees to do their best work and contribute to your organisation's success.

We are the leader in integrating engagement research with practical application. Engagement is a concept we pioneered in the early '90s, and we have conducted surveys in more than 120 countries, in 60 languages, and in nearly every industry. We provide insights into employee survey results which mean that actions are targeted and have a high impact on business results. Our solution is complete — from survey design to reporting, action planning, and implementation.

Aon Best Employers

Best Employers is New Zealand and Australia’s preeminent accreditation programme into the people practices of organisations that deliver outstanding business results through a highly engaged workforce.

This year Aon Hewitt announced its 2015 Best Employers in New Zealand, with Chorus named the Best of the Best for 2015.

Those New Zealand organisations to achieve accreditation in 2015 were:
• Microsoft Australia and New Zealand
• Frucor Beverages New Zealand
• Z Energy
• Fedex New Zealand

Interested in becoming a Best Employer? Visit our Best Employers website or email for more information.

Leadership Assessment and Development

Identifying and developing leadership talent is one of the most critical business needs in the modern workplace. Our award-winning solutions have helped organisations of all sizes - including some of the world’s largest – identify and grow their next generation of leaders.

Using competency-based leadership assessment and development programs - including web-based leadership simulations, executive coaching, feedback-intense development workshops, and ongoing action learning - we help clients increase leadership retention and improve leadership effectiveness.

Talent Strategy, Acquisition, and Management
Securing, retaining, and maximising top talent is the result of a thoughtfully designed talent strategy. In addition to our leadership and assessment work, Aon Hewitt helps clients anticipate talent needs with workforce planning solutions that align HR with business strategy. We also help clients attract, process and acquire the right talent for each organisation’s current business needs.

Organisational Effectiveness
In times of organisational change and corporate restructuring, the lines between roles can become blurred, with accountabilities and responsibilities becoming unclear. With decreasing resources, critical processes and activities need to be identified, streamlined and outcomes clearly articulated.

Aon Hewitt offers a solution. We can assess current processes and activities to build a profile of the necessary roles and responsibilities within an organisation. We then match position descriptions to give a clear picture of skill requirements and current skill gaps within the organisation, and escalate upward to include an audit of factors such as ‘span of control’, authority and delegation of authority. In addition we can review existing communications channels and restructure these to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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Remuneration Surveys and Analytics

Attracting, motivating, and retaining the best talent is one of the greatest obstacles to growth over the next decade, and smart companies are finding ways to do this in a way that maximises their investment in compensation and rewards. For many, this means creating programs that establish a direct connection between an organisation's goals and objectives and an employee's focus and actions. It's an approach that shifts compensation strategies to performance-based programs and emphasises the combined value of pay and benefits.

Backed by superior research and data, our consultants help you make the right choices for your organisation, offering a complete range of compensation and rewards services including:

Survey Data Solutions
The Source
New Zealand IT Specialists Remuneration Report
New Zealand IT & Telecommunications Remuneration Report
New Zealand Insurance Remuneration Report
New Zealand Contact Centre Remuneration Report
Financial Institutions of New Zealand Remuneration Report
New Zealand Top Executive Remuneration Report

We also help you tailor communication strategies for specific audiences, ensuring that your workforce truly understands how pay and benefits add up to total rewards.

Special Services for Technology and Life Science Companies
In addition to Aon Hewitt, Aon owns a company providing compensation support to the Technology and Life Sciences industries (Radford).

For more than 35 years, Radford has provided compensation market intelligence to the technology and life sciences industries. Global survey databases, which include 3.8 million incumbents, offer current, reliable data to nearly 2,000 clients. Leveraging Radford survey data, their thought-leading global consulting team creates tailored solutions for the toughest global business and compensation challenges facing companies at all stages of development.

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Performance and Rewards Consulting

Each year, companies in New Zealand spend hundreds of millions on pay and benefits. Usually, it is an employer’s largest expense; unfortunately it is also one of the most poorly managed. A recent Aon Hewitt study found that 67% of employers do not measure employee values and preferences for total rewards, yet 88% of them rate optimising total rewards as absolutely critical, very important or important. Our research also shows that employees place personal value on, and are motivated by, a broad range of factors in the work environment, not just their pay.

Aon Hewitt works with clients to develop comprehensive and integrated total rewards programs covering remuneration, incentives, insured benefits (e.g. salary continuance, health, travel) and other rewards that effectively align all these elements with business and employee needs.

To do this, companies need to have a good understanding of what their employees value and what drives their engagement. The strategy can then balance the interests of the organisation and the needs of employees to maximise return on investment. Aon Hewitt takes a four-step approach when working with clients to formulate a total rewards strategy.

1. Understand the structure, culture and broader company and HR strategies

A clear and comprehensive understanding of the existing situation is a crucial starting point but, from our experience, too often does not exist. This is at least partly because responsibility for the different elements of the rewards programs often sit with different managers. In addition, the complexity of insured benefits means that few people other than the responsible manager well understand what is provided.
Each organisation’s culture, structure, HR function, employer needs, employee preferences, budgetary concerns and readiness for change will be unique and needs to be fully understood. Aon Hewitt will build a clear picture by collating and analysing relevant internal documents including employee engagement survey results, insured benefit contracts, attrition rates and demographic data.

2. Facilitate total rewards strategy workshops
Aon Hewitt will facilitate half-day workshop(s) with key stakeholders to stimulate discussion on key reward and recognition processes, systems and benefit usage across the company and to gain stakeholder buy-in. We will present some broad market statistics so that key stakeholders and a sample of employees can gain a better understanding of the current state of their total rewards framework and begin to help shape the desired future state.

3. Design and develop a total rewards solution
Our design process starts with gaining an understanding of the corporate mission, vision and business strategy. The HR philosophy should flow from this and serves as a guide for the design of all HR programs. Aon Hewitt will then create a total rewards strategy that aligns with the HR philosophy, with rewards that support business objectives and insured benefits that optimise value and effectively meet employees’ needs.

4 Communicate with employees

Once a total rewards strategy is articulated and the detailed rewards and benefits programs developed it must be effectively communicated to employees. Aon Hewitt will help guide, structure and even roll-out your company communication strategy if required. Communication from direct managers is three times more likely to affect a positive result in employee performance than communication from the HR function. Our research shows that over 90% of Aon Hewitt Best Employers have managers capable of explaining rewards to employees. In other organisations, less than half report that their managers have the capability to explain rewards. Aon Hewitt relies on its fact-based methodology to help clients design, develop and deliver effective total rewards programs that establish a direct connection between the organisation’s goals and objectives and employees’ focus and actions.

Aon Hewitt also offers the following in Reward Consulting:

Remuneration Reports / Survey Data Solutions

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