Directors & Officers

In an increasingly litigious world, your company’s board of directors and officers are personally at risk to incur financially crippling lawsuits, making it difficult to attract top-tier talent.

Directors & Officers Liability

Directors and Officers liability insurance is designed to protect directors, officers and employees involved in the management of a company from personal loss resulting from legal claims made against them in the course of undertaking their duties on behalf of the company. Whether you are a director and wanting protection, or a company looking to protect your board and managers and the company’s balance sheet, Aon can assist.

Invaluable Protection of Your Personal Assets and the Company’s Balance Sheet

Stand alone Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance policies consist of two sections:
Insuring Clause A - Directors and Officers Liability
Insuring Clause B - Company Reimbursement

Policy Design

Aon will help you design and implement a Directors and Officers or Management liability insurance policy that fits with your insurance requirements.

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Aon's Directors and Officers and Management Liability insurance fills your risk gaps. Contact us today for more information or to discuss tailoring a solution for you and your organisation.

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