Aon Master Trust

Aon Master Trust

A product disclosure statement for the Aon Master Trust has been lodged with the Registrar of Financial Service Providers.

You can download a copy of the current product disclosure statement here, or you can obtain a copy by emailing us.

Why choose Aon Master Trust?

The Aon Master Trust takes the hassle out of superannuation for employers, letting you focus on your core business. Our service is tailored to your needs and helps you protect the benefits you offer your employees.

Our team can make your transition to a master trust straightforward, drawing on our experience of previously transitioning many complex schemes. 

By moving your stand-alone superannuation scheme into the Aon Master Trust you can benefit from:

  • reduced cost compared to maintaining a stand-alone superannuation scheme
  • reduced governance and compliance responsibilities 
  • a company scheme which allows employees to continue to contribute to their chosen KiwiSaver scheme or their employer scheme, or both
  • flexible fund design, allowing you to customise investment and insurance needs within the master trust
  • a dedicated account manager to contact and support the scheme

As members of the Aon Master Trust, your employees will be joining a scheme which offers:

  • contribution levels set by you
  • access to their savings when leaving employment
  • the ability to benefit from an employer superannuation scheme together with KiwiSaver
  • the option of transferring their savings to the deferred section on leaving employment
  • access to various investment managers and funds
  • the ability to have insurance through a group insurance arrangement, if you have chosen to include this
  • the option of continuing insurance cover when leaving employment without the need to provide evidence of health

Aon is pleased to announce Aon Master Trust has been acquired by Fisher Funds, the fourth largest retail fund manager and the fifth largest Master Trust provider in New Zealand, effective from 1 December 2021. You can find answers to some frequently asked questions here, or for more information about Fisher Funds, please contact

You can view Fisher Funds' privacy policy here.​

Speak with us today about moving your stand-alone superannuation scheme into the Aon Master Trust. You’ll maintain your employees’ benefits and make your super simple. For more information on the Aon Master Trust, please contact Andrew Fletcher via our helpdesk at

Investment returns and fund updates

Aon Master Trust investment returns
2021-12-31 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2021-09-30 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2021-06-30 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2021-03-31 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2020-12-31 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2020-09-30 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2020-06-30 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2020-03-31 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2019-12-31 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2019-09-30 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2019-06-30 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2019-03-31 Aon Master Trust investment returns
2018-12-31 Aon Master Trust investment returns

To access historic investment returns please contact us.

Aon Master Trust fund updates
We prepare fund updates to assist members in keeping up to date with their Aon Master Trust investment. These fund updates provide key information including how the funds have performed, and will help members to compare them with other funds.


Responsible investment policy

We recognise the importance of incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into the investment process.

You can access the current Aon Master Trust responsible investment policy here.

Documents and forms

If you require a form that is not listed below, please contact our helpdesk by email at or by calling 0800 266 268.


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