National Kiwi Hatchery

The National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa is the national leader in kiwi husbandry, egg incubation systems, hatching techniques and kiwi chick rearing. National training courses for kiwi husbandry and egg handling are held at the Hatchery. 

There are about 68,000 kiwi left in all of New Zealand and we are losing 2% of our unmanaged kiwi every year. The brown kiwi population is steadily declining by about 2–3% a year. Without ongoing support, experts estimate brown kiwi will be extinct in the wild within two generations.

The National Kiwi Hatchery was launched in 2008 (as the National Kiwi Recovery Trust). Over the years the Hatchery has grown to become the largest and most successful kiwi hatching facility in the world, successfully incubating and hatching brown kiwi eggs from around the North Island.

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