Natural Disaster

In respect of any insurance related questions and assistance with your claim, please contact your local Aon office or call us on 0800 266 276.

What to do before, during, and after a Natural Disaster

We highly recommend you consult the Civil Defense website

This site provides excellent guidance about what to do before, during and after an earthquake, storm, flood, tsunami, volcano, landslide and other disaster events. It also provides valuable information on:

  • Learning about disasters and how to keep safe; 
  • Creating and practicing a household emergency plan; 
  • Assembling and maintaining emergency survival items. 

For individuals, families and businesses, preparation is very important to safeguard your safety and reduce your vulnerability.

You also need to ensure your insurance is adequate and current - contact your local Aon Insurance Broker

The road to recovery

Remember, the safety and well-being of you and your family, and your employees always comes first. Always ensure your home and work environment are safe and take care around all external structures, particularly brick walls, which may have become unstable. We suggest you also take steps to ensure your property is secure.

In respect of any insurance related questions and assistance with your claim, please contact your local Aon office or call us on 0800 266 276.

We also suggest you use the information on this resource site and request assistance from the many agencies and useful websites that are available.

Insurance resources 

Claim preparation checklist

After a major loss occurs, the primary focus is to restore things to normal as soon as possible. However, a major loss triggers a series of activities and transactions that need to be documented. Key among them is your insurance claim. For any type of loss, good claims documentation can pay dividends. Download Aon's Claim Preparation Checklist. 

EQC claims guide

This is a step-by-step guide to the EQC claims settlement process. It answers some of the questions most often asked about EQC’s cover. Download the EQC Claims Guide

Understanding your insurance policy and making a claim can be complex. Download the Aon EQC Domestic Claims Frequently Asked Questions for useful information. 

Earthquake Commission (EQC)

New Zealand Earthquake Commission (EQC) has developed a comprehensive response to Frequently Asked Questions on their website. Aon clients who are seeking more information on their EQC claim and the EQC response should go to the Earthquake Commission's website

The Earthquake Commission has confirmed that it will accept the lodging of claims for up to three months from the date of damage occurred. The Earthquake Commission advises people to get their claims in as soon as possible. 

Other useful resources

Advice for farmers on irrigation, pumps and associated equipment

Pumps, irrigators, pivots and associated equipment on farms sustain damage from earthquakes. Land movement, changes in artesian water levels and silt in water all have the potential to cause major damage to pumps, shafts and screens. Download Aon's general advice for farmers.

Advice on reopening your business

Many businesses have to close their offices, plant's, warehouse’s and other facilities as a result of a natural disaster. While the closure may have been for a number of different reasons there are some basic things to consider as you recover. Download Aon's advice on reopening / reoccupying your site or tenancy.

Advice on unsafe buildings

Unsafe buildings may be dangerous and may need to be demolished. You are advised to contact the local Council and follow the official process. In all cases, the property owner and/or contractor undertaking the work are strongly advised to contact the Council before commencing work. Carrying out work that does not fall within the emergency provisions may effect insurance coverage and the Council’s ability to authorise the work retrospectively. Aon recommends you follow the advice from the Council and that you contact your broker for advice on your insurance policy.

Tips for coping after natural disaster

It's normal to feel anxious about your safety, and that of your family and whanau, and it's normal to feel jumpy and scared. The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand has great advice and resources for people affected by earthquakes and natural disasters. Visit their website for information on what to do in an emergency or crisis and also, helpful resources and advice for people affected by earthquakes and natural disasters

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