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COVID-19 Response

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is a priority topic for organisations and people around the world. Aon New Zealand supports the NZ Government’s efforts to control the spread of the virus in our respective communities through the implementation of suitable internal workplace safety measures inclusive of the advocacy for vaccination, as well as the provision of specialist assurance advice to its clients.
The following information provides insurer updates, guidance around risk management and business continuity and links to resources.

Government Response

To better understand the overall NZ government strategy, refer to Other government agencies to refer to include:

As well as Government directed action, businesses will also be affected by responses from suppliers and customers, supply chains and service providers.

Insurance policies | the impacts of COVID-19

Cyber Risk Insurance

COVID-19 has transformed the way we work with many having managed the transition to new working arrangements, which include working remotely from home. Hackers exploit large scale events such as COVID-19. They look for all kinds of ways to access employee credentials and data. Once they have access to computer systems, they will cause havoc, both in downtime and expense (extortion and ongoing money transfers).
Please see more on cyber risk implications from COVID-19 here.
Please read the latest alert from central government here.

Employee Benefits
Personal Insurance
Trade Credit
Travel Insurance
All other types of insurance

Mitigation | what can be done to manage the risk of COVID-19

To manage the disruption of a pandemic, the following are proven strategies for businesses:

  • Understand your vulnerability - how could your business be impacted.

  • Remain alert and ready to act and ready to adapt as the situation evolves.

  • Focus on accurate, factual and objective data.

  • Assess options and potential strategies. Be flexible and openminded. Test and question assumptions.

  • Develop plans to manage and mitigate the risks.

  • Review and test your business continuity management plan and pandemic response plans. Be able to react quickly.

  • Prepare and implement your communication strategy.

  • Review and communicate policy and practices around leave, working from home, hygiene planning and other factors

Aon Risk Management Services | Supporting clients through COVID-19

Aon has developed a range of practical tools to support our clients in managing the impacts of COVID-19, focusing on risk improvements and prioritisation of risk management efforts.

Specifically designed to minimise the impact on your business and to put you in the best position for changes ahead, our approach is flexible and practical. We consider risks and management planning in respect of changes in alert levels and future lockdown events, as well as providing the foundations for governance requirements and business continuity planning.

We offer a tailored approach, with three tiers of engagement for SME, corporate and global. All three tiers can be efficiently delivered through desktop exercises if required, with communications facilitated by email, telephone and/or video conference. Find out more here.

Business Continuity Management

The current focus for businesses is to manage the short and long term economic impacts of the crisis, maintaining awareness of the situation and continuing to develop strategic plans for the future. Given the potentially short time frames, the approach needs to be pragmatic. As the situation evolves globally and in New Zealand, the focus and strategies will adapt.

Find out more about Aon's Business Continuity Management services here.

Aon New Zealand's Risk Management Services team are here to help. Find out more about the wider services available to you here.

Contact our local Business Continuity Management specialists for more assistance.

Aon Global | Response Site

Aon's Infectious Disease Response Task Force has established a global resource site to support organisations in mounting effective infectious disease (pandemic) response and in planning for impacts that may confront businesses, their employees and the communities in which businesses operate and employees reside. Visit Aon's Coronavirus Disease Response Site here. The following links provide guidance documents to support businesses in implementing these response strategies.


Aon NZ COVID-19 Support

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