Supporting Kiwi Hatchery and Wingspan

Aon is proud to support a number of conservation organisations with their aim of growing the populations of kiwi, whio (blue duck) and birds of prey. Aon’s donations go towards funding much needed infrastructure and on-going pest control as well as the monitoring of some of New Zealand's most threatened species.

Ngatapa Ecological Trust

Ngatapa is a 20,000 hectare, mostly wildness block in the centre of the North Island designed to restore and preserve the suite of New Zealand's unique species that live on this private land.

Aon are proud supporters of Operation Nest Egg – a successful kiwi breeding program established to hatch eggs in captivity, rear chicks to a weight where they can defend themselves against predators and then release them back into the wild.

Take a look at the video below to find out more.


Geoff is Aon’s CEO, but we hear he has a feathered namesake?

Geoff is a very clever male kiwi who incubated 2 eggs for 60 days. His eggs were transferred to the National Kiwi Hatchery in Rotorua.

Aon had the privilege of naming Geoff’s baby kiwi. Meet:

Noa (Aon backwards and is Maori for free) and

Kael (Gaelic for mighty warrior)

How has Aon’s relationship with the Ngatapa Ecological Trust contributed to the preservation of kiwi and whio? 

Together, our focus is preserving and growing our very much endangered blue duck (whio) and supporting our limited kiwi population.

It is a long and costly process to hatch a kiwi and return them safely to their natural environment. Aon’s funding allows us to do this. These kiwi need all the help they can get because, without our intervention, their survival percentage is under 5%. By hatching the kiwi eggs in safety at the National Kiwi Hatchery we increase survival rate to 98%.

Find out more about Aon’s sponsorship with Ngatapa Ecological Trust here.

Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre

Aon are a corporate partner of Wingspan, a leading conservation, education and research organisation for birds of prey. Wingspan support wild populations by releasing captive bred birds and rehabilitating injured wild birds. Through research and advocacy, Wingspan also supports long-term sustainable conservation action by identifying the reasons for the decline in wild populations and promoting action to reverse this.

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